A First-in-Class Multi-Targeted Approach

Aging-associated diseases, including cancer, chronic and inflammatory diseases, are complex and can have many causes.
Yiviva is developing sophisticated polychemical medicines that synergistically act on multiple mechanisms of action to address unmet needs.
  • Patient (vs disease) focused approach
    Treating a person’s health holistically to improve survival and quality of life

  • Evidence-based Efficacy
    Demonstrated through rigorous preclinical and clinical studies from leading institutions

  • High-Quality Botanical Drugs
    Manufactured safely and consistently to meet FDA’s current Good Manufacturing Practice

  • Innovative Research through Collaboration
    Teaming together with world-class scientists, doctors and institutions

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“Dr. Yung-Chi Cheng’s work in pharmacology
has had a profoundly positive effect on human health…
inventing groundbreaking therapies to treat diseases that afflict millions.”

– Yale University

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