New paradigm – a first in class multi-target approach

Yiviva is a clinical-stage biotech, co-founded by Yale University, developing first-in-class therapeutics using a multi-targeted approach to treat complex diseases.

There is a need for new approaches to treat unmet medical needs, and there is an opportunity for innovation because:

  • Our bodies are inter-connected systems.
  • Aging-associated diseases are complex and can have heterogeneous causes.
  • Conventional reductionist approaches often oversimplify the treatment of complex diseases, which can have many causes. Conventional Western medicine using a single chemical entity to target a single target are often insufficient – with limited efficacy and serious side effects for patients.
  • Traditional Medicine approaches which treat a body holistically may lack scientific evidence to validate efficacy. And botanical medicines, which may be comprised of many components, often are prepared without sufficient and consistent quality control.

Modern Science + Ancient Wisdom = Future Medicines

  • Patient focused approach
    We believe in treating the patient, not just the disease, to improve health and quality of life.

  • Evidence-based polychemical medicines to treat multiple causes synergistically
    Validated through rigorous preclinical and clinical studies using the latest advances in genomic, metabolomic, and systems biology approaches.

  • High-Quality Botanical Drugs
    Manufactured to meet US FDA and CFDA regulatory standards.

  • Innovation through Collaboration
    Teaming with world-class scientists, doctors, and institutions.

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“Dr. Yung-Chi Cheng’s work in pharmacology
has had a profoundly positive effect on human health…
inventing groundbreaking therapies to treat diseases that afflict millions.”

– Yale University

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