Systems Biology Approach
to Treat Aging-Associated Diseases

Our bodies are interconnected systems.

Aging-associated diseases are complex in nature and can result from heterogeneous causes.

A holistic, multi-targeted strategy can lead to breakthroughs to prevent disease progression, treat and cure cancer, chronic and inflammatory diseases.

Cancer Treatment, Tumor Macroenvironment
First-in-Class, Platform Cancer Drug YIV-906

Promising clinical data shows potential of YIV-906 to increase survival and quality of life for cancer patients (with liver, pancreatic, colorectal cancers).

YIV-906 is an immune system modulator that can:

  1. Potentiate anti-tumor activity for broad spectrum of cancer treatments by enhance the innate and adaptive immune response in the tumor microenvironment
  2. Cytoprotect the gastrointestinal tract to reduce serious side-effects by reducing inflammation,
  3. Speed up tissue regeneration by promoting progenitor and stem cell growth


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“Dr. Yung-Chi Cheng’s work in pharmacology has had a profoundly positive effect on human health…inventing groundbreaking therapies to treat diseases that afflict millions.”

– Yale University

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