Innovative Science

Limitations to Reductionist Approach in Addressing Complex Diseases

Causes of aging associated diseases, including cancer can be heterogeneous

Single chemical with a single defined target can be limited in its efficacy and can lead to dose limiting side effects

Opportunity to Innovate & Address Unmet Needs via Multi Target Paradigm

Polychemical drugs can be designed to target multiple sites of action

Potential to benefit tumor microenvironment, microbiota, interactions across organs

Sophisticated botanical drugs are being developed using modern science and advanced manufacturing

Breakthrough Potential via Systems Biology Approach

    Drug Discovery

    Yiviva accelerates drug discovery

    Learning from centuries of human experience

    Understanding mechanisms of action through rigorous science and bioinformatics

    Yiviva has built the STAR (Signal Transduction, Action and Response) Discovery Platform

    Screening hundreds of high potential herbs from traditional medicines

    Gaining deep insights into how different botanicals act on key signal transduction pathways and affect biological responses

    Smartly identifying potential side-effects or synergistic effects in advance

    Yiviva is efficiently developing evidence-based multi-target drugs that benefit patients

      Quality Control

      Yiviva has developed MeQC (Mechanism-based Quality Control) – a novel proprietary quality control platform for complex botanical mixtures that integrates unique biological and chemical fingerprints and mechanism of action.
      Yiviva’s innovative quality control technology, along with a strategic partnership with a leading botanical manufacturer, ensures that Yiviva can manufacture cGMP complex mixtures, including botanical drugs


        Through our STAR Discovery Platform, Yiviva has a deep pipeline of promising candidates to address unmet needs in:

        Breast Cancer
        Colorectal Cancer
        Liver Cancer
        Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer
        Pancreatic Cancer
        Prostate Cancer
        Rectal cancer

        Chronic and Inflammatory Diseases

        Hepatitis C
        Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis
        Inflammatory Bowel Disease
        Irritable Bowel Syndrome

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